Dr. Kris Srinivasan

The Family Medicine Interest Group is not a secret society. We have no initiation rites... nor do we require a commitment to a career in family medicine. We have active members who go into other specialties.

Family Medicine Interest Group meetings and workshops provide rare opportunities for students of all class levels to:

  1. Provide information about and support student interest in Family Medicine as a specialty, and about areas of practice within Family Medicine.
  2. Provide opportunities for hands-on workshops, such as phlebotomy, suturing, Women's Health Procedures, Heart Sounds, and casting.
  3. Meet and share experiences in rural, local and international preceptorships.
  4. Discuss Family Medicine Residency Programs and future changes in health care systems.
  5. Attend exciting conferences, including the California Academy of Family Physicians (CAFP) Conference and the UC Davis Family Medicine Residency Network Education Conference.
  6. Enjoy informal contact with the family medicine faculty

The Family Medicine Interest Group is an action-oriented group. It is the place to turn your ideas for forums, conferences or events into annual events. If you have any questions, please contact us at our office at 916-734-2062.