Family Medicine Residency Program 2019

Welcome to the UC Davis Family Medicine Residency program!  We’re an academic program with deep roots in our community.  We’re located in Sacramento, California where we’ve been training family medicine residents since 1972.

Our mission is to educate family medicine physicians who will enhance the health of the population and mitigate health disparities through person- and family-centered care, education and discovery.

Graduates of our program will:

  • Be prepared to practice family medicine in any environment including academic, urban and rural community-based and managed care settings.
  • Possess the knowledge, skills and behaviors to provide clinical care to patients of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Treat all patients and colleagues with respect, dignity and compassion.
  • Be proficient in the pursuit of lifelong learning behaviors to ensure a sustainable and successful career.
  • Develop time and practice management strategies and resiliency to maximize personal well-being.
  • Develop communication skills and professionalism attributes necessary to navigate leadership roles successfully.

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