Melisa Anjejo, M.D. - Family Medicine

Melisa Anjejo, M.D. Undergraduate: UC Irvine
Medical School: Wayne State University
Bio: Melisa’s interests include playing sports, art and meditation. Melisa speaks Swahili.

Kimberly Augustine, M.D. - Family Medicine

Kimberly Augustine, M.D. Undergraduate: UC Berkeley
Medical School: UC Davis
Bio: Kimberly’s interests include book reviewing, mastering the Rubik's Cube and painting. 

Lindsay Clark, M.D. - Family Medicine

Lindsay Clark, M.D. Undergraduate: University of Maryland
Medical School: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 
Bio: Lindsay’s interests include poetry and fiction writing, distance running, and playing softball. Lindsay speaks Arabic.

Adryanna Corral, D.O. - Family Medicine

Adryanna Corral, D.O. Undergraduate: UC Davis
Medical School: Touro University
Bio: Adryanna’s interests include spending time outdoors, working out, and listening to audio books. Adryanna speaks Spanish.

Rebecca George, M.D. - Family Medicine

Undergraduate: UC Davis
Medical School: UC Davis
Bio: Rebecca's interests include cooking with seasonal and local ingredients, art and architectural history. Rebecca speaks Spanish.

Erin Glasrud, M.D. - Family Medicine

Erin Glasrud, M.D. Undergraduate: University of Oregon
Medical School: Oregon Health Sciences University
Bio: Her interests include outdoor recreation, swimming, watersports, playing and writing music.

Lizbeth Guillen, M.D. - Family Medicine

Lizbeth Guillen, M.D. Undergraduate: University of Nevada
Medical School: University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine
Bio: Her interests include practicing yoga, indoor rock climbing, attending dance classes. Lizbeth speaks Spanish.

Shravya Rahu, M.D. - Family Medicine

Shravya Rahu, M.D. Undergraduate: Scripps College
Medical School: New York Medical College
Bio: Shravya’s interests include painting, photography and reading.

A. Rochelle Taylor, M.D. - Family Medicine

A. Rochelle Taylor, M.D. Undergraduate: UC Berkeley
Medical School: UC Davis
Bio: Ro’s interests include writing, baking, crochet and gardening. Ro speaks French.

Tanya Thomas, M.D. - Family Medicine

Tanya Thomas, M.D. Undergraduate: Duke University
Medical School: University of Miami
Bio: Tanya’s interests include Salsa dancing, Bachata dancing and painting. Tanya speaks Spanish.

Alice Walton, M.D. - Family Medicine

Alice Walton, M.D. Undergraduate: UC Santa Cruz
Medical School: Tulane University
Bio: Alice’s interests include hiking, camping, bouldering, and swimming.

Sasha Beacham, M.D., M.P.H. - Family Medicine/Psych

Sasha Beacham, M.D., M.P.H. Undergraduate: UCLA
Medical School: UC Davis
Bio: Her interests include travel, reading, weight training, yoga, and gardening.

Donovan Chase The Bear, M.D. - Family Medicine/Psych

Donovan Chase The Bear, M.D. Undergraduate: University of New Mexico
Medical School: University of New Mexico
Bio: His interests include guitar, barbecuing, playing Runescape, and basketball.