Scholar Ryan Fitch“I wasn’t nervous at all. I already have friends here.”

– Scholar Ryan Fitch

Scholar Sophie Howarth“I love living in the dorms. It makes me happy. I like being with friends and doing fun things like going to Target and arranging birthday parties.”

– Scholar Sophie Howarth

Scholar Karis Chun“Back home, I was never really that social. Here, I’m around other people who are like me, so being around them, it’s like I have less pressure.”

– Scholar Karis Chun

Scholar Kai Gardizi“I’m hoping to take some music classes and photography actually, and hopefully anthropology.”

– Scholar Kai Gardizi

Scholar Olivia Adams-Falconer“People with disabilities should be able to have the opportunity to take classes on a college campus. With us being the first program here, I feel like we are making history and I really like that.”

– Scholar Olivia Adams-Falconer

Scholar Cristina Riegos“It feels to me that this program is like a family.”

– Scholar Cristina Riegos