Teamwork and collaboration define all that we undertake at UC Davis Health. With a new school year underway, we are once again opening our doors to train our best students for tomorrow’s health care today and to give our future patients their best hope for health, wellness and a long life.

Our students are fortunate to have the very best people, at the top of their field, to teach them and challenge them to do more, to do better than we have done before. We are always pushing the bar higher and exploring new ways to ultimately benefit patients and the world beyond Northern California.

Aligned with this innovative spirit, this issue of UC Davis Health Magazine provides highlights about some of our most recent accomplishments, including:

Our highlights also extend to growing UC Davis Health’s capabilities in precision health and personalized medicine, so we can help people live longer and in more healthy ways, keeping them out of the hospital. We’re also expanding the provider-patient partnership with digital tools aimed at improving the experience for both patients and providers (to reduce provider burnout). This means more high-value interactions with patients and providers, and fewer low-value interactions, which benefit everyone.

To achieve this type of partnership with our patients, we are building best-in-class facilities and infrastructure to serve patients where they are located and with greater access and accuracy. Creating both digital platforms and physical spaces at the same time – ones that are state-of-the-art nationally – will deliver exciting opportunities ahead for UC Davis Health and all our patients.

While we’ve already achieved so much, there is, of course, so much more important work to do in the months and years ahead. In future issues, I look forward to continuing to describe the profound and meaningful progress we’re achieving on behalf of our patients, physicians, nurses, alumni, community and employees.