Wednesday, October 2 is the second annual California Clean Air Day, which is built on the idea that shared experiences unite people to action to improve our community health.

Find a fun new way to get to work on Oct. 2 for California Clean Air Day
Find a fun new way to get to work on Oct. 2 for California Clean Air Day

To celebrate this day, individuals and organizations are urged to make a Clean Air Pledge – a commitment to do their part to clear the air, through actions big and small.

As part of this effort, UC Davis Health is making an organizational pledge and encourages employees and patients to do the same. With 70% of ground-level ozone air pollution in the Sacramento region caused by car and truck emissions, UC Davis Health is asking employees to reduce single occupancy vehicle usage on October 2.

To take your pledge:

• Visit the pledge page.
• Select “I’m Pledging as an Individual.”
• Under the “Reduce Vehicle Emissions” section, select how you’re going to leave your car at home.
• Also choose some other ways you can clean the air.
• On the next screen, enter your information and the organization pledge code “UCDH.”

Here are some alternatives to driving to work:

• Telecommute
• Walk, bike or ride a scooter
• Take public transit
• Carpool
• Attend meetings remotely

Additionally, the Green Commuter program is partnering with SMUD and Sacramento Regional Transit to host a California Clean Air event on October 2. Look for more information – including how you can test drive an e-vehicle – in the Insider.