NEWS | December 17, 2020

Deftones donate $52,500 to UC Davis Children’s Hospital through Adopt-a-Dot campaign


Closing out 2020 on a very positive note, Deftones have completed their ‘Adopt-a-Dot’ fundraiser and made a donation of $52,500 to UC Davis Children’s Hospital. 

The Deftones launched their philanthropic campaign in September called ‘Adopt-a-Dot’ based on their album, “Ohms.”  The Deftones launched their philanthropic campaign in September called ‘Adopt-a-Dot’ based on their album, “Ohms.”

The Grammy Award-winning band Deftones launched their philanthropic campaign in September called ‘Adopt-a-Dot’ based on their album, “Ohms.” The cover art, created by Frank Maddocks, features thousands of pixelated dots, and fans could make a charitable donation for one or more dots. Donors uploaded photos to, adding yet another dimension to the artwork and claiming a spot of their own.

In addition to the children’s hospital, Deftones also donated $52,500 to Live Nation’s ‘Crew Nation,’ a global relief fund for live music crews who have been impacted by COVID-19.

"With pride, today we’re making our Adopt-A-Dot donations to UC Davis Children’s Hospital and Crew Nation,” said the band in a statement. “Hopefully these will go to making things a little easier for those facing challenging times. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our fans and friends that contributed to this campaign. We sincerely thank you all."


"Ohms’ album art is an iconic rendering of a suspended, chance moment in time. As with Deftones’ music and lyrics, the definitive meaning of the imagery invites and relies on interpretation from the viewer. From a dreamy gaze above, to sadness, hope, despair, optimism and a longing for connection, the emotions conveyed are endless and infinitely evolving." - Frank Maddocks Creative Director, Deftones


UC Davis Children’s Hospital is the Sacramento region’s only nationally ranked, comprehensive hospital for children, offering children and their families the highest level of care for virtually every pediatric condition.


Live music inspires millions around the world, but the concerts we all enjoy wouldn’t be possible without the countless crew members working behind the scenes. As COVID-19 puts concerts on pause, we want to extend a helping hand to the touring and venue crews who depend on shows to make a living.