NEWS | February 5, 2020

Another record year of research funding for UC Davis School of Medicine

Milestone lauded at School of Medicine Research Faculty Celebration Day


UC Davis School of Medicine marked another record-breaking year for research funding. During the recent School of Medicine Research Faculty Celebration Day, the School recognized the research achievements of its faculty and medical students.

Lars Berglund, vice dean for research at UC Davis Health Lars Berglund, vice dean for research at UC Davis Health

The annual event, organized by the School of Medicine Office of Research and held on Jan. 28, highlighted the efforts of the researchers in finding answers to tough health problems and getting grants to support their work.

Lars Berglund, vice dean for research, thanked Dean Allison Brashear who is “intently aware of ongoing activities in research and extremely supportive of this work.”

“We are now at the level of $315 million a year in terms of research funding, which corresponds to 37% of all the research funding at UC Davis,” Berglund said. “In the last 10 years, the external research funding for the School of Medicine has grown more than that of all the other UC Davis colleges combined.”

Prasant Mohapatra, vice chancellor for research, also congratulated the School of Medicine for “doing exceptionally well” in terms of research. “Please continue to do what you’re doing and share with the world the news about your work,” he said.

He also urged the researchers to transform their work, when possible, to the commercial domain through licensing and patenting. He asked attendees to take advantage of the multitude of opportunities offered by UC Davis to support research and startups, including incubators and access to venture capital funding.

UC Davis School of Medicine: Partnerships, Collaborations and Industry Alliances

“UC Davis has a role to improve the health and lives of everyone in the region,” Berglund said. “One way to achieve this is through public-private partnerships and industry outreach.”

Berglund said Aggie Square embodies this direction of working with communities and industries to bring greater good to the region. He also noted how the School of Medicine collaborates with other UC Davis colleges through cross-campus initiatives and through partnerships with other University of California campuses and research centers.

Tiffani Johnson and Angela Haczku at the School of Medicine Research Faculty Celebration Day.

Mohapatra encouraged the researchers to further extend their international research collaborations and emphasized the importance of transparency and professional responsibility.

Early Career Scholars

The event stressed the importance of taking knowledge from bench to bedside by investing in research that translates science into health care solutions and discoveries. Ted Wun, associate dean for clinical translational research, and Angela Haczku, associate dean for translational research, introduced early career scholars who shared a brief overview of their work. The researchers are:

  • Glenn Yiu, associate professor of ophthalmology
  • Brittany Dugger, assistant professor of pathology
  • Tiffani Johnson, assistant professor of emergency medicine
  • Orin Bloch, associate professor of neurological surgery
  • Michael Schivo, associate professor of clinical internal medicine
  • Bryn Willson, third-year obstetrics and gynecology resident physician

“You make UC Davis one of the finest research universities in the country,” Berglund told the researchers. “With your work, we continue to improve health of everyone in the region.”