On Wednesday, September 15, Chief Nursing and Patient Care Services Officer Toby Marsh presented this month’s Point of Pride (POP) Award to Environmental Services’ Clifford Johnson for his role in the life-saving care provided to a cardiac patient, Mark Bowen.

Clifford Johnson receives this month's POP Award
Clifford Johnson receives this month's POP Award

The two men were chatting while Mark was sitting in a chair and Clifford was cleaning his room.  During their conversation, Clifford noticed Mark became short of breath and had a severe change in condition. Clifford took quick action and notified the nursing staff. Due to his quick response, the staff gave Mark life-saving care.

“Thanks to Clifford, today is day 55 of my bonus life,” shared Mark at the POP Award celebration. “I would like to thank everyone for how good they were to me when I was here. You all took such great care of me. Clifford, you are special.”

All UC Davis Health employees have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of our patients and co-workers no matter their role and that is what Clifford did. Congratulations to our POP Award Winner!