This October, UC Davis Health is partnering with Love to Ride to encourage cyclists and non-cyclists alike to go for a bike ride and participate in fun activities throughout “Biketober” month. Love to Ride is a web-based platform that empowers people, all over the world and from all cycling backgrounds, to hop on their bike and go for a ride for at least 10 minutes every day.

UC Davis Health is partnering with Love to Ride for Biketober.
UC Davis Health is partnering with Love to Ride for Biketober.

In an effort to encourage wellness, sustainability and connection, with a healthy dose of competition, Biketober challenges riders at all levels to cycle anywhere and anytime. By registering for Biketober on Love to Ride’s website, you can earn points by riding and encouraging others, and inviting friends and family to participate. Leaderboards show which organizations have the highest points and display the workplaces that finish first nationally. Let’s join together and show the world how UC Davis Health employees are inspired to spend quality time on two wheels.

With the weather cooling down in Sacramento and surrounding regions, it’s the perfect time to enjoy riding a bike and a good way to ensure daily exercise. Participating in Biketober will also facilitate our efforts at UC Davis Health to lower carbon emissions and travel in a more sustainable, ecofriendly fashion, all while avoiding traffic. And if you are taking actions to support California Clean Air Day (October 6), make sure you log your miles as part of that effort.

How does it work?

  • Register for free at lovetoride.net and answer a brief survey.
  • Join UC Davis Health to help climb the leaderboard.
  • Start logging your bike rides to earn riding points.
  • Earn encourager points by encouraging co-workers, friends and family to register and log their rides. If they add you as their encourager, you’ll score 50 or 100 points.
  • More points mean more chances to climb the leaderboards and win prizes.

Take the challenge by joining UC Davis Health and the worldwide community of cyclists in the Biketober challenge!