NEWS | February 7, 2018

Introducing EM Pulse, a podcast by UC Davis emergency medicine physicians


Have you ever wondered what it’s like being an emergency medicine physician and how the team works to address some of the nation’s most pressing health care challenges? 

To find out more, consider listening and subscribing to EM Pulse, a new podcast series launched by UC Davis emergency medicine physicians.

Em Pulse podcast sex trafficking

Each episode of the budding series focuses on a specific aspect of delivering care to patients and the opportunities UC Davis physicians find to improve health and health care in the Sacramento region and beyond. It also provides resources for practicing physicians.

The latest episode, entitled "Sold for a Chrysler 300," focuses on sex trafficking, a growing national problem. It features:

Annika HuffAnnika Huff (formerly Annika Mack), a trafficking survivor who speaks
with UC Davis emergency medicine physicians about her experiences
in the life, how she got out and what she is doing now.


Bryn MummaBryn Mumma, assistant professor of emergency medicine,
who talks about her research, published in 2017, on how
physicians can better identify potential victims in the
emergency department.

Rachel RobitzRachel Robitz
, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral
science, who shares some advice on how to approach these patients,
create a safe space, and offer support and resources.

Julia MaganaJulia Magaña, EM Pulse co-host and assistant professor of emergency medicine,
who discusses how she manages this in pediatric patients. 

Sarah MedeirosSarah Medeiros, assistant professor of emergency medicine, who is co-host of the program.