NEWS | April 28, 2020

UC Davis Health ramps up opioid fight with grants from California Academy of Family Physicians


 UC Davis Health physicians in family and community medicine, general internal medicine, and obstetrics and gynecology are ramping up the fight against the opioid crisis. Three of them have received $50,000 grants from the California Academy of Family Physicians to expand treatment options for opioid use disorder (OUD) and substance use disorder (SUD). Alicia Agnoli, Zachary Holt and Shannon Clark are the principal investigators of the grants.

“Our project will advance the training of primary care residents and physicians in substance use disorder disease treatment, while promoting patient-centered, high-quality care for people with substance use disorder,” said Agnoli, assistant professor of family and community medicine.

Some of the goals of the grant are as follows:

  • Provide integrated care for patients with SUD in outpatient and inpatient settings through the development of a pilot model for primary care-based group visits, an elective rotation with the inpatient addiction consult service, and new care protocols for perinatal care for women and infants affected by opioids
  • Create a curriculum for primary care and OB/GYN residents to gain competency in addiction treatment, including medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Increase the number of faculty, residents and medical students who receive training in buprenorphine, an FDA-approved OUD medication
  • Expand SUD and OUD services at current clinics run by residents and medical students, and create new clinics at the Sacramento County Primary Care Center and UC Davis General Internal Medicine Clinic
  • Develop a fellowship in addiction medicine

    “We also hope to streamline coordination between departments so patients have seamless transitions from inpatient to outpatient settings,” said Shannon Clark, associate physician of obstetrics and gynecology. “This includes working on postpartum coordination with our colleagues in family and general internal medicine so patients can easily get care from the providers they need after delivery.”