NEWS | March 12, 2019

UC Davis Schools of Medicine and Nursing receive high national rankings by U.S. News

Medical school in top 10 in primary care, top 30 for medical research; nursing maintains top 50 spot


The medical and nursing schools at UC Davis Health again ranked among the best in the country in today’s release of the U.S. News & World Report’s 2020 graduate school rankings.

The School of Medicine has earned a national reputation for its primary care and research programs The School of Medicine has earned a national reputation for its primary care and research programs

School of Medicine improves research ranking

UC Davis School of Medicine continued its rise as one of the top medical schools in the nation, improving from 10th to 9th in the category of primary care. The medical school also posted UC Davis’ most significant gain in the new rankings, moving up from 39th to 30th on the “Best Medical Schools: Research” list. The medical school also tied for the 13th spot in family medicine, while the obstetrics and gynecology medical program and specialty also ranked 13th.

Many UC Davis medical students go on to train for primary care careers, such as internal medicine and family medicine. At the school’s annual Match Day on Friday, fourth-year medical students will learn where they will serve in residency programs over the next several years.

“Over the past few years our education and research programs have made incredible strides in being recognized among the top institutions in the country,” said UC Davis School of Medicine Interim Dean Lars Berglund. “In academic research alone we’ve improved from 45th to 30th over just the past two years, which is a testament to our dedicated faculty and the quality of our research. We’re ecstatic that the amount of federal research grants we receive continues on an impressive arc of growth.”

Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing remains a top program

School of Nursing students
The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis trains students to be leaders in health care

The master’s degree nursing programs at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis held steady this year, tied at 46th with two other programs.

“We continue to be honored at this recognition from our nursing school peers across the country,” said Interim Dean Debbie Ward. “Our real pride lies in our interprofessional students, who partner with faculty to be the change in health care they aspire to, and the hundreds of alumni of our master’s degree nursing programs who make an impact every day in the clinics, classrooms and communities they serve.”

All five of the graduate degrees offered at the School of Nursing, including a master’s degree for family nurse practitioners, a master’s degree in leadership, the Master’s Entry in Nursing Program, a doctoral program and a master’s degree for physician assistant studies, emphasize problem solving, independent thinking and individual accountability to empower students to fulfill their learning needs and prepare them as leaders in health care. Faculty and students work together to create environments that promote leadership, interprofessional education, transformative research and cultural inclusiveness.

UC Davis School of Medicine has long focused on educating a future primary care workforce that is adept to the cultural needs of the state’s rich diversity.

“Our steady improvement as a top primary care medical school will continue to attract diverse applicants who are eager to treat underserved patients and reduce health disparities, a mission that has long been a hallmark of our education program,” Berglund said.

UC Davis remains the top veterinary program in the country

U.S. News also revealed that the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is the top program in its category, and several other programs made significant gains. The list shows new rankings for education, engineering, medicine, nursing, health specialties, and law and business studies.