NEWS | January 26, 2018

Underwood co-edits Feb. issue of journal highlighting NEC


Mark Underwood, chief of neonatology at UC Davis Children’s Hospital, has co-edited the February issue of the journal Seminars in Pediatric Surgery. The issue is dedicated to the topic of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), a leading cause of death in very premature infants. Those who survive often suffer lifelong consequences of the disease.  

Photo of cover

Articles have been written by leading medical researchers, dedicated to improving NEC treatment and prevention, expanding on topics they presented at the 2017 Necrotizing Enterocolitis Symposium, which was held at UC Davis last April and was co-hosted by UC Davis and the NEC Society. Topics in the journal include:

  • The definition of necrotizing enterocolitis and how this has changed over the years
  • Historic perspectives of NEC and how the microbiome and immune systems contribute to the pathogenesis of NEC
  • How members of the health care system can empower parents to be involved in the care of their babies
  • The importance of a biorepository for collection, storage and sharing of patient samples
  • Animal models used for the study of NEC
  • Human milk feeding in the prevention of NEC

"We are grateful to the NEC Society and the parents of infants affected by necrotizing enterocolitis who contributed to the NEC Symposium and this issue of Seminars and to the journal for publishing the cutting-edge review of such a devastating and common disease," said Underwood.

 Read the journal.