NEWS | January 4, 2021

Year of the Nurse blog, Sarah Sokol: ‘I’m going to be a nurse; this is what I want to do’

Sarah Sokol

One week before her 20th birthday, Sarah Sokol was shaken to her core when her boyfriend broke his back and became a paraplegic. As she accompanied him on his long rehabilitation journey (later marrying him), she found a new direction and resolve. Deciding to become a nurse, Sarah refocused on her studies and ended up graduating with honors from Sacramento State’s nursing program.

Follow Sarah’s path to nursing, as described in her own words.

In celebration of Florence Nightingale's 200th birthday in 2020, we continue to celebrate the Year of the Nurse with a special blog featuring the stories, memories and motivations of UC Davis Health nurses.

Hear their words, and get to know why and how they invest such heart, passion, expertise and commitment in their life-changing work.