NEWS | October 4, 2019

Sacramento Republic FC's Cleats for Causes highlights father-daughter UC Davis Health patients


Sacramento Republic FC today launched its latest pair of one-of-a-kind cleats that will be up for auction now through the end of October. Featuring bright, child-friendly colors, the cleats tell the unique patient story of UC Davis neurosurgery patients Kevin Arredondo and his 11-year-old daughter Gianna, along with Sacramento Republic FC midfielder and childhood cancer survivor Ray Saari. Watch the video.

Ray Saari and Gianna Arredondo brainstorm ideas for the cleats design. Ray Saari and Gianna Arredondo brainstorm ideas for the cleats design.

Kevin and Gianna Arredondo were treated at UC Davis Health for cerebral cavernous malformations, a genetic condition in which clusters of blood vessels form in the brain, that can cause seizures and affect mobility. Kevin Arredondo received surgical care from UC Davis neurosurgeon Fady Girgis, while Gianna received surgery from UC Davis pediatric neurosurgeon Marike Zwienenberg.

The cleats were designed by Sacramento artist Kevin Lee, after the Arredondo family and Ray Saari met Lee for a brainstorming session at the hospital. Some design elements on the cleats:

• One purple shoelace, signifying Ray’s ribbon for testicular cancer
• One red shoelace, signifying the Gianna and Kevin’s ribbon for Angioma Alliance, the organization for those affected by cavernous malformations
• “Ralph Breaks the Internet” references since Gianna watched this movie while getting her MRI in the hospital
• Magic Kingdom imagery since the Arredondo family enjoys Disneyland
• The eagle and the bear, Ray and Gianna’s favorite animals

Proceeds on the sale of the cleats will benefit UC Davis Children's Hospital. Those interested can bid online here: