Center for Professional Practice of Nursing — The UC Davis Health's Center for Nursing Education provides educational opportunities for clinical faculty, highly skilled health care professionals and support personnel of UC Davis Medical Center, and a geographically dispersed network of primary care providers.

Health Sciences Libraries
The Medical Center Library serves faculty, staff and students affiliated with UC Davis Health. The collection contains monographs and serials in the areas of clinical medicine, nursing and patient care. The library is open to the public

Center for Virtual Care — The UC Davis Center for Virtual Care incorporates a variety of sophisticated simulation training tools to create a virtual hospital environment for practicing medical procedures. The versatile center can mimic a single intensive care unit or replicate the flow of patients through the medical center – from the field to transport through emergency treatment and surgery to the intensive care unit.

Continuing Medical Education — Continuing Medical Education at UC Davis Health offers physicians and other health care professionals educational opportunities that foster excellence in patient care. In concert with the overall mission of the health system, our endeavor is supported by the Continuing Medical Education Advisory Committee to ensure that activities comply with the Essentials and Standards of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

Simulation learning

Graduate Medical Education — Graduate medical education is a priority for UC Davis Health. With increasing emphasis on primary providers and managed care, there's hardly a better place to receive a graduate medical education.

Job opportunities — UC Davis Health offers great career opportunities both in Sacramento and Davis.

Research training programs and career development — The schools of health have many exciting research career development opportunities, including: a stem cell research training program, the Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women's Health Program, a Mentored Clinical Research Training Program, the Integrating Medicine into Basic Science Program and the Mentoring Academy.

Residency and fellowship programs — A list of residency and fellowship opportunities at UC Davis.

Telemedicine Education Program — Telemedicine is a viable solution to addressing the health-care needs of underserved populations. UC Davis' hands-on, multidisciplinary learning center teaches practitioners, administrators, managers and telemedicine coordinators the skills and knowledge needed to enhance the quality of health care in their communities. The center has trained more than 1,500 professionals from throughout California.