Kohl's Buckle Up to Grow Up - Bicycle and helmet safety

The Kohl’s Buckle Up to Grow Up helmet safety program is focused on increasing helmet use among children who ride bikes, scooters, skateboards or skates. 
Working with school districts, family resource centers and health clinics throughout Sacramento, the helmet safety program provides educational programs and free helmets to underserved children through our community Helmet Safety Centers.


Kid's Helmet Safety (PDF)

Helmet Safety Center

Thanks to our community partners and funding from Kohl’s Cares, each year our helmet safety program is able to reach over 4,000 children with education and free safety helmets individually fit to each child. Many of these children received education and helmets through a Helmet Safety Center established in their neighborhood. The Kohl’s Buckle Up To Grow Up Helmet Safety Centers give parents, teachers and neighbors an opportunity to take an active role in childhood safety in their community. 

For more information on how to set up a Kohl’s Buckle Up To Grow Up Helmet Safety Center in your neighborhood, contact Krystal Anaya at 916-734-9798.

Kohl's Buckle Up to Grow Up Helmet Safety Centers

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