Changes to Tableau before August 19

Fast-Track project to migrate all the Tableau users, reports, dashboards, and more


The Legacy Tableau Server in its current form is unsupported and unstable. Daily backups have recently been failing and the vendor maintenance keys have also expired.

Anyone who has access to Tableau content on the legacy server is encouraged to replace any bookmarks with the new production Tableau server at

The Tableau migration will occur no later than Aug. 19.

Please replace any embedded website links or browser favorites that may directly point to the Legacy Server at, and replace with the Production Tableau Server at

For more detailed information about the migration, click here to visit the SharePoint site.

Projected Timeline:

  • All Tableau content will be migrated to Production Server by no later than Aug. 19
  • All access turned off to the Legacy Server on Aug. 26

 Questions about the Tableau migration? Call Technology Operations Center at 916-734-4357.