Need child care? Connect with UC Davis students looking for work through Handshake system

Dear UC Davis Health Colleagues,

We appreciate the service you are providing to our communities during these trying times with the COVID-19 outbreak. With regional K-12 schools closed we realize this places an additional stress on you and your families. We would like to assist you with connecting with UC Davis students seeking child care positions.

In an effort to expedite connections between caregivers and families, the UC Davis Internship and Career Center (ICC) has modified our process for students seeking part-time employment using Handshake. During the time that local schools are closed, UC Davis Health employees can use the Handshake system as outlined below.

In order to facilitate connections between UC Davis students and child care positions, we will send targeted outreach to UC Davis students we think are likely to be interested. This will include, but certainly will not be limited to, the 100 or so UC Davis students who were scheduled to serve as interns in local K-12 schools during spring term.

A few things you should know:

  • This service is strictly a “job board”. Applicants will not be screened.
  • Do not assume that UC Davis students will have transportation, and are familiar with residential areas outside Davis.
  • The going rate for babysitters/child care providers is $12-$15/hour (CA minimum wage is $12).


Please note, this is a multi-step process. Your account must be approved by the ICC before you are able to post a position. We will work to expedite the approval process.

  • To begin creating your employer account visit
  • The first step is to associate an email address and create a password for the account. After inputting your email address, you will get a prompt advising you to use a "company" email address. A Gmail, Yahoo, or other 3rd party email address is allowable. We recommend you do not use your UC Davis email address for creating this account as it could impact your engagement with the system in the event you need to review or post a position for your UC Davis department.
  • In step 2, when asked for your “Job Title” enter “Private Employer”.
  • You can leave “Alma Mater” and “Graduation Year” blank when prompted.
  • Check your email inbox for a message from Handshake to confirm your email address. Inside the email will be a link to continue the registration process. Click on the link to proceed to step 3.
  • In step 3, when asked to “Join Company”, choose “Create New Company”. Your company name should be “Private Employer – Your first and last name”.
  • When asked for a website, if you do not have one, please feel free to use the ICC’s website
  • In step 4, when asked to “Connect with Schools”, search for “University of California Davis” and click the plus icon to request to connect. This will notify ICC staff to approve your account. We will do so promptly and you will receive an email from Handshake once approved. Be sure to check your junk and clutter folders for this message as well as your inbox.
  • With an approved account, you can then log into Handshake and create your job posting. When prompted for “Job Title”, it is important that you use the following naming convention: “EMERGENCY CHILD CARE – First name, Last name Family” (Example: EMERGENCY CHILD CARE - Mary Smith Family). Our team will prioritize approval of these postings.

If you have questions or need assistance with this process please contact or call Karen Emigh at 530-752-7260.

Thank you again and we hope this helps reduce one source of stress on you and your loved ones.

In gratitude,
The ICC Team