Policy reminder for employees leaving UC Davis Health: Email, system access removed after last day


Workforce members who voluntarily separate from UC Davis Health will lose access to all systems, including, but not limited to:

  • Email
  • One Drive
  • Sharepoint
  • Teams
  • UC Davis Health computers and servers
  • Any internet applications logged into with an @ucdavis.edu email

Access will be removed after your last working day.  If you need to retain any information that is not confidential or subject to additional restrictions (e.g., personal contacts, personal schoolwork/notes), please make provisions to copy that information to a personal repository.​

This action is necessary to ensure patient privacy and compliance with HIPAA regulations.  Details of Policy 2402 may be reviewed here - Separation Notice Deactivation of Physical and Electronic Access.  Please note that only two exceptions apply:

  • Employees transferring from UC Davis Health to UC Davis campus may retain their electronic mail address, but not electronic mail messages/content.
  • Employees designated with an emeritus title, under University policy, may continue to maintain an electronic mail account while on emeritus title, with the following provisions:
  1. For those with an emeritus title not requiring past content or future PHI, the IT Email team will remove past data.
  2. For those with an emeritus title wishing to either retain past information and/or acquire new PHI must participate in the following activities to ensure HIPAA compliance: a) annual privacy and security training, b) follow requirements as per Administrative Policy 1309, Information Systems Security & Access, c) respond to any subpoena or release of information requests as part of a discovery process.

If you have any questions, please contact the Innovation Technology, Technology Operations Center (IT TOC) at 916-734-4357.