UC Davis Medical Center honored for low C-section rate


UC Davis Medical Center has received the honor roll for maternity care award for meeting or surpassing the federal target aimed at reducing the state’s low-risk, first-birth Cesarean section (C-section) rate by the California Health and Human Services Department, the Hospital Quality Institute and Cal Hospital Compare

UC Davis Medical Center was one of 134 hospitals, who were recognized for achieving this goal. The 134 hospitals that were honored account for more than half of all 235 hospitals that offer maternity services in California. 

To receive this award, a California hospital must have achieved a C-section rate of 23.9 percent or lower for low-risk, first-birth deliveries. 

“We are proud to receive this Honor Roll award,” said Gary Leiserowitz, chair of the UC Davis Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology. “Thank you to our physicians, nurses and members of our health care team for their strong commitment and for ensuring that we are providing the best quality care for mothers and babies in our region.”

While life-saving in some circumstances, unnecessary C-sections can pose serious risks to mothers (higher rates of hemorrhage, transfusions, infection and blood clots) and to babies (higher rates of infection, respiratory complications and neonatal intensive care unit stays).