The Chief of the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine is Reginald Low, M.D.
Ezra Amsterdam, M.D. is the Vice Chief of Academic Affairs.

Program Directors
  • Thomas Smith, M.D. - Director of the Cardiac Non-Invasive Laboratory Services; Program Director of the Cardiology Fellowship Training Program, and Program Director of the Advanced Cardiac Imaging Fellowship.
  • Jason Rogers, M.D. - Director of the Cardiac Interventional Laboratory; Program Director of the Interventional Cardiology Fellowship, and Program Director of the Interventional Structural Heart Fellowship.
  • Saul Schaefer, M.D. - Chief of Cardiology at the VA Northern California Health Care System.
  • Uma Srivatsa, M.B.B.S., MAS  - Director of the Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology (CCEP) Fellowship Program
  • Amparo Villablanca, M.D. - Director of the Women's Cardiovascular Medicine Program
  • Garrett Wong, M.D. - Director of the Cardiology Inpatient Care Unit.

All clinical directors report to Dr. Low.

Additional Cardiology Faculty Members

• William J.Bommer, M.D.     • Amogh Bhat, M.D.
• Yung-Wei Chi, D.O.     • N. Chiamvimonvat, M.D.
• Felicia A. Corbett, M.A., M.S.     • Dali Fan, M.D., Ph.D
• D. Fishman, M.A., Psy.D     • N. Hagiwara, M.S., Ph.D
• Anne A. Knowlton, M.D.     • William R. Lewis, M.D.
• Deborah K. Lieu, Ph.D     • Javier Lopez, M.D.
• Nancy Luo, M.D.     • Lindsey Helen Malik, D.O.
• Margaret M. Penkala, M.D.     • Nayereh Pezeshkian, M.D.
• John Calvert Rutledge, M.D.     • Gagan Singh, M.D., M.S.
• Charles L. Stebbins, Ph.D     • Patricia A. Takeda, M.D.
• S. Venugopal, M.D. MS-HPEd     • C.K. Whitcomb, M.D.



Jaskaran Birak is the Division Administrator responsible for both the academic office located in Sacramento and the research office located in Davis. She oversees the administrative staff, students, and lab personnel.

Administrative staff in the academic office assist with the cardiology fellowship program, scheduling, CME courses, a weekly conference series, a grand rounds series, credentialing, cardiology medical students, general faculty support, and academic merits, promotions, and appointments. Administrative staff in the research office assist with grant applications, manuscripts, research laboratory personnel, and teaching activities. Academic office staff is supervised by Kate Zhang.