A message from Reginald Low, chief of cardiovascular medicine

Reginald Low, chief of cardiovascular medicine
Reginald Low, M.D., chief of cardiovascular medicine

Heart care has gone through significant changes in the past 10 years. Surgery used to be the best – and sometimes only – treatment for coronary disease. But new developments in techniques, devices and medications have revolutionized treatment options. UC Davis is a leader in developing and refining those new developments, bringing them to heart patients at our health system and beyond, and sharing best practices for using them with physicians worldwide.

As a result, we offer all current, less-invasive approaches for closing holes in the heart, repairing leaky valves, correcting short circuits, opening blocked arteries and more – providing important alternatives for high-risk surgical patients and helping others postpone or avoid surgery altogether.
UC Davis’ team of physicians is skilled in every specialty and subspecialty in cardiology and is available to provide high-level, comprehensive care – from diagnosis to treatment to follow-up – for literally any cardiovascular problem.

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment provides the safest, quickest and clearest images of the heart and blood vessels that are possible today. And we are one of just a few centers in California with Stereotaxis™ – magnetically controlled navigation of the architecture of the heart – that can detect and even help eliminate the causes of arrhythmias.

A video message from Reginald Low, M.D., chief of cardiovascular medicine

In addition to clinical studies, our research scientists and physicians are working on numerous laboratory investigations to understand the cellular mechanisms of heart failure, coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes and stroke. Their discoveries will lead to targeted treatments for the very earliest stages of cardiovascular disease.

I often say, “Once a UC Davis heart patient, always a UC Davis heart patient.” What that means is that our team is here for you, no matter what is required to prevent or treat your heart disease or condition. We are committed to advancing your health.