Bloodflow — designed and modeled by Johany Huinac De Leon

Designer and model: Johany Huinac De Leon.
In Control — designed and modeled by Alice Chang
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Designer’s statement: I took inspiration from many things for my red dress: the inner workings of the human body, the geometrical contrasts of a sliced pomegranate and the jagged, uneven pieces of the ceramic piece called “Expansion Through Creative Destruction.” The last two inspired me to create a piece with sharp, asymmetrical lines for the structure with a fabric design that juxtaposes those sharp lines with a rounder texture. Since this is a red dress, I looked to the human body and heart as inspiration for the colors and overall shape. We are all (mostly) composed of the same body parts and organs, but you will not find our veins following the same pattern. I wanted to demonstrate the uniqueness of each person’s heart and blood, or how I imagine them to be, in the fabric design. The dying technique used in the fabric makes a random, matchless pattern, just like the direction of the veins and arteries in our bodies.

Brave Heart — designed and modeled by Agnes Lam

Designer and model: Agnes Lam.
In Control — designed and modeled by Agnes Lam
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Designer’s statement: My red dress design is inspired by Rosa chinensis, which is a flower called the China rose. Symbolically, this flower represents pure love, passion, chastity and courage. My design focuses on courage. Although cardiovascular diseases are frightening, they are often preventable. My dress shows we should be bold and bravely face our fears. It encourages people to properly care for their hearts and fight this leading cause of death in women. It also spreads awareness to encourage support for programs dedicated to protecting women against cardiovascular disease. This gift of life was thoughtful, cherished and one-of-a-kind, so women treat their hearts with as much care as they would with any other beloved gift. Design elements include the bodice front, which forms a heart shape in the middle, drawing attention to the heart and highlighting its importance for survival. I used gathering fabric to create the shape of the China rose around the dress, which highlights the beauty of the wearer and shows off the unique and beautiful heart given to her at her birth.

Felt Heart — designed and modeled by Adela Palominos

Designer and model: Adela Palominos.
In Control — designed and modeled by Adela Palominos
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Designer’s statement: I made this dress because it’s what popped into my head when I thought of a healthy human heart. I wanted the dress to look sturdy but soft and structured but huggable, because a healthy heart needs to be sturdy and structured in order to do its job well for the entirety of our lives. But the heart also represents emotion; something that loves and is comforting. The wool allowed me to build a dress that was seamless and nearly perfect.


Floral Me Gentle — designed and modeled by Alyssa Vang

Designer and model: Adela Palominos.
In Control — designed and modeled by Alyssa Vang
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Designer’s statement: The inspiration for this red dress is a Hmong jewelry called “xauv” (sa-ow). Xauv is always worn with cultural attire to represent as a “lock” to protect one’s soul and health. This is one of the most important pieces in the Hmong culture, and I thought it would make a perfect fit for women’s heart health because I believe it can represent a charm to keep others healthy. It’s important to me as a woman and for my own Hmong community to stay healthy. I think it’s meaningful when another person with the same culture or similar culture recognizes something they see that is a part of their life and can relate it to another topic. I feel like it also brings attention to the audience when a dress is not a normal everyday dress they see, a touch of cultural aspect adds interest. Another inspiration for the dress from is the hibiscus flower. I find the shape of this flower beautiful, and there are a lot of health benefits from hibiscus tea. My dress is unique because it combines who I am, both Hmong and American cultures. This dress is meaningful to me because I can reach out to the world about my culture and spread the word about women’s heart health.