Sandra Bugalski with her son © UC Regents

“Physical activity is key to heart health. I suggest walking wherever and whenever you can. Simply walking in my neighborhood regularly has markedly improved my heart function – and my life.”

Sandra Bugalski
(pictured with her son)
— spontaneous coronary dissection

Delilah Hendrix © UC Regents

“Take the warning signs of heart disease seriously so you can be there for those who love you. Even small changes in how much you move and what you eat can make big differences in how you feel.”

Delilah Hendrix
— high blood pressure and high cholesterol

Melissa Scanland © UC Regents

“Because of the nature of my condition, it wasn't imperative that I change my diet. However, I do watch my hydrogenated oils now. I eat whole grains, tofu and lean turkey. I even wear more sunscreen.”

Melissa Scanland
— heart valve surgery

Sandra Smoley © UC Regents

“Familiarize yourself with the eight risk factors for women's cardiovascular disease and be proactive in preventing their onset.”

Sandra Smoley
— multiple cardiac risk factors

Grace Sugiyama © UC Regents

“My heart is definitely stronger, and so are my legs. I've never felt better. My advice is exercise.”

Grace Sugiyama
— bypass surgery