Thank you for your interest in the Internal Medicine Residency Training Program at the University of California, Davis, Medical Center.  The Internal Medicine Training Program at UCDMC is highly competitive.  Most of the current group of houseofficers ranked in the top third of their medical school class.  Please be aware that competition for the limited number of residency positions is extremely intense.  We advise you of this so that you will consider all of the information given to you before applying to the program.

Requirements for consideration of international medical graduates applying for postgraduate training in internal medicine include:

  • Application (Electronic Residency Application Services - ERAS)
  • Completion of prescribed course of study in an approved medical school in the past 5 years
  • Valid ECFMG certificate (passing both medical and English sections)
  • Passage of approved examination(s) (FLEX, USMLE)
  • *Evaluation/authorization letter from the Medical Board of California (must be dated within one year of application)
  • Legal right to remain and work in the United States
  • Current curriculum vitae and one page personal statement
  • Three letters of support
  • Dean's letter
  • Copy of medical school transcripts
  • Written examination scores, on whichever standardized examination the candidate takes acceptable to the State of California.
  • Experience in an American hospital, with clinical exposure. (Pure research in a laboratory of an American Hospital is not acceptable).

* PLEASE NOTE: Due to on-going changes in the approved examinations for international medical graduates to qualify for a residency position, this letter from the Medical Board of California is mandatory!  It is imperative that you obtain this letter as soon as possible, or your application cannot be reviewed.  You may reach the Medical Board of California at 916-263-2382; address is 2005 Evergreen St., #1200, Sacramento, CA 95815, or

Please note that these steps are necessary to compete with the other applicants for internship.  Completion of these steps by no means guarantees that one will match here, nor even be ranked.  All candidates completing these initial steps, however, will be considered by the Internship Selection Committee on a competitive basis with graduates of US medical schools.  If you are able to provide evidence of having met all of the above, you will be eligible for consideration by the Internship Selection Committee.  Submit your application in its entirety; incomplete applications will not be reviewed.  Entry level positions are appointed only through the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).  Again, thank you for your interest in our training program.

Requirements for International Medical Graduates at UCDHS