Professional Courses

MDS 406 - Endocrinology, Nutrition, Reproduction and Genetics (9.5)

Lecture—3.8 hours; discussion/laboratory—2.8 hours. Prerequisite: Biological Chemistry 410A; Human Physiology 400. Restricted to Medical students only. Basic and pathophysiologic processes involved in human reproductive and endocrine control systems, nutritional regulation, and foundational genetics across the lifespan. Integrate information across these systems and use clinical reasoning process to identify and understand relevant perturbations and diseases. May be repeated three times for credit. (P/F grading only; deferred grading only, pending completion of sequence.)

ENM 460 - Clinical Clerkship

Clinical activity (inpatient-outpatient service)—full time (3 days per unit). Prerequisite: Internal Medicine 430 and/or consent of instructor. Limited enrollment. Participation with members of subspecialty service in the initial evaluation, work-up, management and follow-up of patients with endocrinologic disorders. (H/P/F grading only.)

Foreign Medical Students: The Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism does not accept foreign medical students. 

Professional Course Coordinator
Marissa Valentin-Clark
Fellowship & Student Programs Coordinator

Continuing Medical Education


Weekly (January - June)

  • Journal Club

  • Clinical Case Conference