Infectious Diseases IDI 460

Course Description:
Patients ill with infectious diseases, including AIDS, will be evaluated and presented at rounds and case conferences. Patients are also seen in the Infectious Diseases Clinic and OCH clinic. Instruction in clinical microbiology and the proper use of the laboratory will be provided.

Common Problems/Diseases Encountered:
Common areas of disease encountered would be General Infectious Diseases and HIV/AIDS.  Other areas of service would be consulting with Orthopedics and Trauma on Bone Infections; Neurosurgery for Meningitis; Hematology/Oncology on Neutropenic Patients; and Antibiotic Stewardship for all services.

Common Procedures Performed / Observed:
Procedures are not performed with this consult service.  Antibiotic Stewardship for all services.

Students may elect to do a 4 week rotation if space allows.  Additional didactic sessions are available during weekly Journal Club and Case Conference. Students are allowed 1 absence for interviews and/or personal reasons.  Please contact the Student Coordinator, Marissa E Valentin-Clark with any questions.