Internal Medicine - Nephrology (NEP)

Upper Division Course

192. Internship in Nephrology (1-12)
Internship — 3-36 hours; final report. Prerequisite: upper division standing; approval of project by preceptor prior to internship. Supervised work experience in nephrology. May be repeated for credit up to 12 units. (P/NP grading only.)

Graduate Course

299. Nephrology Research
Prerequisite: consent of instructor. (S/U grading only.)

Professional Courses

460. Nephrology and Fluid Balance (3-6)
Clinical activity--full time. Prerequisite: completion of third year of medical school; consent of instructor. Active participation in all inpatient/outpatient clinical activities, attendance at specific lectures and conferences at UC Davis Medical Center covering the field of nephrology and fluid-electrolyte disorders. Limited enrollment. (H/P/F grading only)--I, II, III, IV. (I, II, III, IV.)

499. Research in Nephrology (3-18)
Prerequisite: individual arrangement and consent of instructor. Independent laboratory research on a specific problem related to biochemical or immunologic causes of renal disease and/or uremic disorders in humans or animals. (H/P/F grading only.)-Kaysen