Welcome to the UC Davis Geriatrics Fellowship Program in Sacramento, CA.  Our innovative fellowship is designed to prepare fellows for excellence in clinical care, teaching, scholarship, research, quality improvement, and health care administration.  Our goal is to mentor fellows toward a leadership role in the field of geriatrics. 

The fellowship takes place at a multitude of sites and settings, and skills gained varies according to the goals of that rotation.  Rotational sites endeavor to integrate essential concepts across core competencies to develop well-rounded fellows.  Settings in which these skills are cultivated include:

  • UC Davis Health, University of California, Davis, Sacramento, CA (Healthy Aging Clinic and UC Davis Medical Center)
  • Sacramento VA Medical Center (Acute Care for Elders inpatient consult service, GeriPACT geriatric primary care clinic, multidisciplinary outpatient Geriatrics Consult and Memory Clinics, Home-Based Primary Care, Home Care Coordination, and Hospice and Palliative Care)
  • Martinez VA Medical Center (Community Living Center/Center for Rehabilitation and Extended Care, Hospice and Palliative Care)

There is required regular core curricular seminars, journal clubs, and other didactic sessions dedicated to the acquisition of the skills demanded of future geriatrics leaders.  These activities also aim to enhance the fellows’ pedagogical and scholarship skills.  A scholarly project is required of each fellow.  Research skill development is optional but recommended and is fostered through guided mentoring of individual research projects.  Faculty advisors guide fellows at all stages of a project, from defining the question of interest to preparing and presenting the findings.

Teaching medical students, residents, and peers is an integral component of our fellowship program.  Fellows receive special training in the educational pedagogy of clinical teaching in general and specifically as it relates to geriatrics.  Faculty also  work with fellows to optimize their clinical teaching skills.  In addition, administrative skills and quality improvement skills are developed through graded responsibilities in clinical and teaching programs as well as participation in quality improvement projects.  Furthermore, adequate unstructured time is allocated throughout the fellowship for scholarly work.  The optimization of this time, which can be tailored to meet fellows’ individual education goals, can be coordinated in conjunction with the program director.

Fellows are the leaders of tomorrow.  The field of geriatrics is growing and needs a group of passionate and committed leaders to help it grow and develop into a robust medical sub-specialty.  To this end, fellows receive ongoing intense mentoring to help further develop their professional portfolio and leadership skills, thereby equipping them with the requisite skills to shape the field of geriatrics and its future.

Alia Tuqan, M.D.

Geriatrics Program Director


The UC Davis Health Healthy Aging Clinic, located in midtown Sacramento, is a one-stop-clinic that serves patients 65 and older and their caregivers.

About Us


To train expert geriatric medicine specialists who will develop and deliver expert and innovative person-centered care that helps older adults safely navigate and transition through health care systems, maintain independence and dignity, and experience improved quality of life and well-being.


  1. To train clinically outstanding, curious, and compassionate geriatricians who understand the key principles of geriatric medicine and the health care system and are able to apply them to achieve a high level of quality of care and patient safety.
  2. To produce committed leaders who will innovate and provide excellence in clinical care, education, systems design, quality improvement, scholarship, research, and health care administration within geriatric medicine and in the care delivered to older adults.
  3. To prepare geriatric medicine fellows for a successful career by balancing life, work, resiliency, and wellness.
  4. To uplift diversity, equity, and inclusion within all aspects of the educational and clinical environment in the field of geriatric medicine.

Sample Curriculum Grouped by Site:


Palliative Care Consults

1 & 4

Healthy Aging Clinic/Mercy

1 & 4

Healthy Aging Clinic/Mercy


Acute Care of Elders


Geriatrics Consult and Memory Clinic


Geriatrics Consult and Memory Clinic


Home-Based Primary Care


Palliative Care Consults


Home Care Coordination





1, 2, & 3


1, 2, & 3



Site Key:
1 – University of California, Davis Medical Center

2 – VA Northern California Medical Center -- Sacramento

3 – Veterans Affairs Medical Center - Martinez

4 – Mercy Medical Group - Midtown, Primary, and Specialty Care


CLC – Community Living Center

CREC – Center for Rehabilitation and Extended Care

Vacation: 4 weeks taken in 1–2-week blocks

Elective Options:

Movement Disorders Clinic

Cognitive Neurology

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Wound Care



Medical subspecialty clinics

UC Davis Health

The UC Davis site will have core experiences for the fellows in the Healthy Aging Clinic (HAC) and on the inpatient palliative care service. 

The HAC is an inter-disciplinary full-service clinic with geriatrics faculty, cognitive neurologists, and geriatric psychiatry faculty educators.  Fellows will provide consultations on a wide variety of geriatric patients in this tertiary referral center.  Fellows may also have their weekly geriatric continuity clinic based at this site.

Healthy Aging Clinic in Midtown

The Healthy Aging Clinic at UC Davis Health is a new interdisciplinary clinic designed to serve adults 65 and older and their family caregivers. Click here to learn more about the Healthy Aging Clinic.

VA Northern California:

  • Sacramento

Fellows will rotate on the inpatient geriatric consult service and in the geriatric outpatient clinic.  They will also spend time on the palliative care inpatient and outpatient services and the home-based geriatric primary care and coordination of care services.  Fellows may also have their weekly geriatric continuity clinic based at this site.

  • Martinez

Fellows learn principles of post-acute and rehabilitative care as well as inpatient hospice at this facility. There are dedicated rotations working at the Center for Rehabilitation and Extended Care (CREC) and the Community Living Center (CLC) on the Martinez VA Campus. The CLC/CRC is a 120-bed extended care facility that offers subacute, rehabilitation, restorative, palliative, respite and transitional care. It also operates a neurocognitive unit, subacute unit, and a 23-hour bed program in support of post-procedural ambulatory care services.

Mercy Medical Group 

Scheduled half-day sessions with geriatricians in an interdisciplinary geriatrics clinic; fellows also have the opportunity to make home and nursing home visits with physicians and APPs

University Post-Acute Rehab

Fellows have their long-term care continuity experience at this community-based nursing home

Home Care Coordination – Home visiting program caring for medically complex geriatric veterans recently discharged from the hospital who require intensive case management of medical and psychosocial issues to avoid potential rehospitalization. Fellows learn and work with an interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurse

Home-Based Primary Care - Healthcare services for veterans who are typically home-bound, might be isolated, and might have complex social situations. A long-term service with home visits involving an interdisciplinary team including a physician or advanced practice provider, social work, rehabilitation services, behavioral health, nutrition and pharmacy as appropriate.

Acute Care of Elders - Interdisciplinary inpatient geriatrics care with a focus on mobility, polypharmacy and delirium prevention.

CLC (Community Living Center) and CREC (Center for Rehabilitation and Extended Care) - Skilled Nursing Facility care, short-term and long-term patients. Services including physical rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary and neurologic rehabilitation, IV therapies, wound care, and an inpatient hospice unit.

Geriatric Consult and Memory Clinic - Scheduled half-day sessions in geriatrics, pychiatry and neurology

Fellows accepted to the program will be required to rotate through the following venues.

UC Davis Health

  • Healthy Aging Clinic
  • Inpatient Palliative Care Consults
  • Outpatient Subspeciality Clinics

VA Northern California Health Care System (Sacramento and Martinez)

  • Acute Care of Elders Consults
  • Inpatient Palliative Care Consults
  • Outpatient Geriatrics and Memory Care Clinic
  • Home Based Primary Care
  • Home Care Coordination
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Outpatient Subspeciality Clinics

Dignity Health

  • Mercy Medical Group

Alia Tuqan, M.D.

Health Sciences Associate Clinical Professor

Department of Internal Medicine


Rebecca Boxer, M.D., M.S.

Professor of Clinical Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine


Huey Lin, M.D.

Health Sciences Clinical Professor

Department of Family and Community Medicine


Joanne Seibels, M.D., M.B.A., M.S.P.H.

Associate Physician

Department of Family and Community Medicine


Umanga Sharma, M.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor

VA Northern California


Anakha Nambiar, M.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor

VA Northern California


Vivek Singh, M.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor

VA Northern California


Margarita Sotelo, M.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor

VA Northern California


Ashkan Javaheri, M.D.

Associate Clinical Professor

Dignity Health

How To Apply


We have two positions for academic year 2024-2025.  The positions are filled through the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).  Candidates may start their application process through ERAS in June. Applications will be released for review to us beginning July 15, 2023. Interview dates will be in late August through October.

For full consideration, please submit your application and supporting materials by mid-August. Applications completed after that date may not receive a full review.  

Required application components to include in your ERAS application:

  • Personal Statement
  • Medical school transcript
  • USMLE/COMLEX transcript
  • Medical school Dean's Letter (MSPE)
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from physicians who have served in a direct supervisory capacity
  • One (1) letter of recommendation from either your residency program director or from a division head or department chair


We offer fellowship opportunities for individuals who have completed an Internal Medicine or Family Medicine Residency in the United States or Canada by the time they enter the fellowship-training program. The residency program must be accredited by ACGME or RCPSC/CFPC programs in Canada. Candidates must be board certified or eligible in their respective Boards and must possess a California medical license before the start date of the fellowship program. 

A J-1 visa is required for foreign nationals interested in the UC Davis Geriatrics Fellowship Program. 


The University provides competitive salaries for fellows.  In addition, the University provides health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and professional liability insurance, for the fellows (and their family members when appropriate). Fellows receive 20 vacation days a year.

Living In Sacramento

Sacramento and its surrounding region have so much to offer, including restaurants that pride themselves on farm-to-fork cuisine to a variety of outdoor recreation spots to family-friendly events. Here’s a glimpse of what you and your family can expect should you decide to call Northern California your home.

Contact Us

If you have any programmatic or administrative questions, please contact:

Shalynn Harris

Fellowship Coordinator, Geriatrics