• UC Davis Health Center Sleep Medicine Fellowship

Thank you for your interest in the Sleep Medicine Fellowship at the UC Davis Medical Center. We offer a one (1) year, ACGME-accredited fellowship program designed to produce skilled sleep medicine clinicians, teachers, and investigators through our interdisciplinary approach. We accept one (1) fellow each year. Upon graduating, our fellows will have developed the necessary skills to practice clinical sleep medicine and/or pursue a future career in academic medicine. Our program trains physicians who come from different disciplines in all aspects of sleep medicine given our diverse patient population with a wide range of sleeping disorders. As a multidisciplinary program, our fellowship faculty consist of specialists from pulmonary medicine, neurology, dentistry, psychiatry, pediatrics, otolaryngology, and dentistry.

In addition to the diverse faculty, the UC Davis Medical Center's affiliation with several other facilities, hospitals, and universities provide fellows a rich sources of electives and experience with various health care systems, regulations, and business aspects involved in patient care. Fellows will also have an opportunity to conduct research projects during their one-year training period.

Since the inception of the Sleep Medicine Fellowship program in 2007, 100% of our fellows have passed the Sleep Medicine Boards and have had a 100% acceptance rate when submitting their abstracts, posters, and manuscripts.