UC Davis Health’s Healthcare Innovations in Population Health is dedicated to providing resources to develop and implement strategies focused in the areas of:

  • Accelerating Quality Improvement in Health Care
    • Establish and sustain a culture of quality and safety (e.g. conduct research, collect and share data, and promote best practices)
  • Integrating Transitions of Patient Care
    • Collaborate with other care providers to deliver integrated, patient-centric care
  • Advancing Community Health
    • Lead efforts to improve the health of their communities (e.g. support public health initiatives)

Mission Statement

Our mission is to connect both university and public community members to UC Davis’ innovative clinical programs that focus on the health of populations and to highlight the important work of our staff, faculty, and trainees (residents, fellows, students) who are partnering on or with our community and public health professionals to improve health outcomes of our patient and community populations.

Why Does it Matter?

Healthcare innovation in population health is the key to delivering a new model of healthcare that:

  • FOCUSES more on outcomes
  • IMPROVES the system of care
  • provides BREAKTHROUGHS in how health problems are solved
  • MEETS the challenges and expectations of the current healthcare delivery system.


Healthcare Innovations in Population Health aims to provide tools and expertise to help guide and strengthen the UC Davis Health's existing culture of bold innovations by offering diverse opportunities to enhance and keep up to date awareness of the challenges and opportunities inherent in today’s evolving health care environment.

Health care innovation is defined as the implementation of new or enhanced products, services, processes, systems, policies, organizational structures, or business models that aim to improve one or more domains of health care quality or reduce health care disparities (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Health Care Innovations Exchange).

Current Active Projects

  1. Antibiotic Stewardship Program
  2. Public Health Screening Program