Health Leadership Program (SHFHLP)

The Sierra Health Foundation Health Leadership Program (SHFHLP) is a seven-month program designed to develop the skills of leaders in organizations in Northern California and the San Joaquin Valley that work to improve community health and well-being and reduce health and racial disparities.

Class fellows identify the core values and leadership strengths that drive their personal approach to work and working with others.

Throughout the program, they work and learn with other organizational leaders, nationally respected leadership trainers and faculty to develop innovative approaches to identifying and tackling complex social challenges, and learn how to coach and engage staff and teams, as well as lead and manage change processes.

The Health Leadership Program focuses on improved organizational outcomes and impact. Through effectiveness, quality, financial stability, partnership development, governance and sustainability, participants have the opportunity to improve their existing skills while developing new competencies. As a result, their organizations gain a deeper ability to make positive change in underserved communities.

The Health Leadership Program is led by the Institute for Population Health Improvement at UC Davis, and is co-directed by Kenneth W. Kizer, MD, MPH, and Richard F. Callahan, DPA.

The program has supported 338 health and social service executives since 2001.

We continue to support our alumni, remaining committed to the development of individual leaders and their organizations.

Leadership & Faculty

Kenneth Kizer, MD, MPH 
Director of the Institute for Population Health Improvement
UC Davis Health

Rich Callahan, DPA 
TAP International

Adele James 
Nonprofit Organizational Consulting and Coaching

Lyn Corbett 
Nonprofit Organizational Consulting and Coaching

Health Leadership Program Alumni