California Health eQuality Program Final Report 2013CHeQ has fashioned and nurtured a trusted environment in which electronic exchange of health information could occur; funded and supported regional health information exchange (HIE) planning, infrastructure expansion, and interface development; increased public health capacity for electronic reporting of immunization data, paving the way for the public health reporting gateway; pioneered the health information home; and tracked and documented the deployment of HIE in the state, among other things. These efforts have materially advanced the adoption of HIE and fostered more integrated health care in many areas of the state.




The California HIE Landscape report provides a succinct review of the evolution of efforts to develop electronic sharing of health information in the state. It describes the roles that the federal and state governments, private nonprofit programs, and many others have played in promoting the deployment and use of HIE, and it highlights some of the many dimensions and complexities associated with the adoption of HIE technology.