Community Liaison Core (CLC) team members include Lorena Garcia, M.P.H., Ph.D. (Core Leader); Eduardo Delgadillo Alfaro, B.A., Esther Lara M.S.W.

The CLC supports LARRC’s overall mission through community engagement and partnerships. The CLC emphasizes bidirectional flow of information and perspectives to develop trusting relationships with key community stakeholders in the health and well-being of Latino elders, including social service agencies, healthcare organizations, and community members. Specific aims of the CLC include:

  • Develop partnerships with community-based organizations and healthcare provider groups as a resource for community-engaged research on reducing disparities for older Latinos.
  • Create a program for RCMAR scholars to facilitate recruitment, retention, translation and bidirectional communication with host communities.
  • Develop, evaluate, and disseminate information on techniques and strategies to recruit and retain older Latinos in minority aging research.
  • Disseminate culturally and linguistically appropriate information on research advances related to cognitive health and impairment to Latinos in California’s Central Valley.