Director, Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences

Photo of Frederick J. Meyers, M.D., M.A.C.P, UC Davis Health Syste executive leadership (copyright UC Regents)

Fred Meyers, M.D., M.A.C.P., is Director of the Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences, and a professor of internal medicine/hematology-oncology at the UC Davis School of Medicine. He has a long-standing interest in cancer biology, clinical trials, and palliative care with a focus on advanced and metastatic malignancies. In the 1980s he founded one of the first palliative care centers in the country. He was part of the leadership team that achieved the nationwide status of Comprehensive Cancer Center for UC Davis.

Meyers has a distinguished record of education and workforce development, and is nationally known for leading innovative research career-development training programs for physician scientists and pre- and postdoctoral fellows. He has served as Director of Research Education and Career Development in the UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC) since its inception. His appointment as Associate Director for Cancer Education, Training and Workforce Development unites the CTSC and Comprehensive Cancer Center research education efforts.

His service to the university has also included 12 years as Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine, followed by seven years as Executive Associate Dean and Vice Dean of the UC Davis School of Medicine.

As of 2016, with the advent of the United States Precision Medicine Initiative, Meyers was asked to lead and integrate precision medicine across all of the colleges and schools at UC Davis and the communities it serves. The award of the Arline Miller Rolkin Professorship in Clinical Effectiveness underscores his commitment to take science to the bedside. He has developed a network among the UCs, the state, and other partners, making the UC Davis Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences a leader in precision medicine. He stated, “When I started my career, it was difficult to provide high-quality cancer care, with a cure rate of less than 50 percent. Now, the rate is up to 75 percent. But the truth is, I don’t ever want to see another cancer case — I want to prevent it. For those individuals still left without a cure, we need precision medicine to make the next great leap in care.” As a true physician, finding precise, targeted and individualized cures for cancer and all disease — and achieving population health — remains his enduring passion.

Meyers is a very well-respected internist and oncologist, an expert in precision medicine, and an academician with outstanding records of mentoring and of representing the UC Davis School of Medicine at the national level, publishing frequently on clinical effectiveness research topics.