Fourth Year Planning

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Specialty Advice for Residency Planning

There are several ways to get specialty specific advice!

Specialty Advisors are faculty members who will support you as you explore your interest areas and plan for residency.

Connect with current MS4s who are willing to help MS3s in answering questions about their specialties.

Some departments regularly have their specialty advisors and teams host group sessions called specialty information nights to help you plan for fourth year and residency applications, as well as answer your questions. Check your email for details of each night. Here are the 2019 sessions:

  • OBGYN - Applying into an OBGYN Residency: Planning it out - 2/12/19
  • Pediatrics - 4th Year Schedules, AIs, and Away Rotations - 2/13/19
  • EM - Introduction to Emergency Medicine and the Emergency Medicine Match Pathway - 2/15/19
  • Psychiatry - Information Session - 2/20/19
  • IM - Information Session - 2/28/19

For additional specialty-specific information on planning fourth year and applying to residency programs, check out the guidelines our faculty put together for rising fourth year students.

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