Members Title Contact
Mark Servis, MD (Chair) Vice Dean for Medical Education meservis@ucdavis.edu
Kupiri Ackerman-Barger Assistant Clinical Professor, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing packerman@ucdavis.edu
Anthony Albanese, MD Affiliations Officer, VA Office of Academic Affiliations Clinical Professor of Medicine, UC Davis School of Medicine anthony.albanese@va.gov
Soheila Azghadi Resident, Department of Radiation Oncology sfazghadi@ucdavis.edu
John Drummer Academic Coordinator, Office of Medical Education jmdrummer@ucdavis.edu
Moosa N Haider Resident, Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine mnhaider@ucdavis.edu
Carol Howle Analyst, Office of Medical Education cahowle@ucdavis.edu
Raja Jagadeesan, MD Associate Chief of Staff for Education, VA raja.jagadeesan2@va.gov
Sharad Jain, MD Associate Dean for Students shjain@ucdavis.edu
Jacqueline Letran, MD Assistant Chief of Emergency Medicine jacqueline.letran@va.gov
Alyssa Milliron Resident, Department of Internal Medicine amilliron@ucdavis.edu
Vanita Hemant Mistry Resident, Department of Internal Medicine vhmistry@ucdavis.edu
Margaret Rea, PhD Director, Student Wellness, Office of Medical Education mrea@ucdavis.edu
Navinderjit (Navi) Singh, MD Assistant Chief of Hospital Medicine, Education, VA navinderjit.singh@va.gov
Adrienne Thompson, Ed. D. Director of Institutional Campus/Climate and Community Engagement, Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion aslthompson@ucdavis.edu
Hendry Ton, MD Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Diversity hton@ucdavis.edu

Medical Students

Name Class Contact
Manpreet Kaur Bassi           MS IV – Class of 2019           mbassi@ucdavis.edu        
Veesta Falahati MS IV – Class of 2019    vfalahati@ucdavis.edu
Savannah Marks  MS III – Class of 2020 savmarks@ucdavis.edu
Danielle Wang MS III – Class of 2020 dnlwang@ucdavis.edu
Emily Ann Moody MS-1I – Class of 2021 eamoody@ucdavis.edu
Liliya Voronstov    MS-1I – Class of 2021 lvvoronstov@ucdavis.edu
Erika Jane Adams MS-I – Class of 2022 ejadams@ucdavis.edu
Raquel Selcer MS-I – Class of 2022 riselcer@ucdavis.edu