Blocks 1 and 2 Quiz 3 & each quiz thereafter

Pattern of failing performance in one or more courses

Block 3, 4 & 5 Exams Pattern of failing performance in one or more courses
CBSE CBSE Results Score of 50 or less

Intervention Steps

Step 1 - OSLER Intervention

  • Email from OSLER* to student to set up meeting within 1 week of receipt of letter
  • IOR(s) & student’s Faculty Mentor notified
  • If student follows through on meeting, OSLER to review student academic performance in entirety and may do one or more of the following
    • Continue to track student’s future performance
    • Implement a learning plan
    • Refer student to IOR and/or Student Affairs Dean and/or Wellness Dean
    • Refer student to CSP (based on OSLER judgment and/or pattern or severity of academic difficulty)

* OSLER – Office of Student Learning & Educational Resources

Step 2 - OSLER Intervention

  • If student does not meet with OSLER, OSLER may
    • Continue to track student’s future performance • refer student to CSP if 2nd instance of academic difficulty arises,
    • Refer student to CSP (due to the severity of difficulty or if prior pattern of academic difficulty exists)

Step 3 - Student referred to CSP at any stage

  • Email from CSP re: curtailment of extracurricular activities
    • IOR, student’s faculty mentor, curriculum/program managers, OSLER, ADSA*, SADME**, Student Wellness Office notified
  • CSP may also
    • Ask to meet with student
    • Require student to meet with OSLER (if not already doing so)
    • Modify student curricular content or pace •

* ADSA – Associate Dean of Student Affairs
**SADME – Sr. Associate Dean of Medical Education