UC Davis Health System Electronic Mail Policy

This policy mandates the use of only the University of California, Davis, Health System official e-mail account for all University of California, Davis, Health System business related activities and provides alternative methods for sending secured information. The official University of California, Davis, Health System email system is Microsoft Office 365.

All University of California, Davis, Health System personnel (employees, faculty, staff, volunteer and students) must use the official health system e-mail for all work related activities related to University of California, Davis, Health System business. Individuals shall not auto forward their e-mail account to any other non-University of California, Davis, Health System e-mail account, including but not limited to the ucdavis.edu account, Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.  Individuals may, however, forward their ucdavis.edu e-mail account to their official University of California, Davis, Health System account.

University of California Policy

The University of California encourages the use of electronic communications to share information and knowledge in support of the university's mission of education, research and public service and to conduct the university's business. To this end, the university supports and provides interactive electronic communications services and facilities for telecommunications, mail, publishing, and broadcasting.
Recognizing the convergence of technologies based on voice, video, and data networks, as Presidential Policy, the University of California Electronic Communications Policy establishes principles, rules, and procedures applying to all members of the university community to specifically address issues particular to the use of electronic communications. It clarifies the applicability of law to electronic communications and references other university guidelines to ensure consistent application of the Electronic Communications Policy on all university campuses.

The policy covers allowable users, uses, restrictions on use, privacy and confidentiality, security, and retention/disposition of records.

UC Davis Policy

The use of electronic communications resources is limited by restrictions that apply to all university property and by constraints necessary for the reliable operation of electronic communications systems and services. The university reserves the right to deny use of its electronic communications services when necessary to satisfy these restrictions and constraints.

The policy is modeled after the UC Policy and covers allowable users, uses, restrictions on use.  It references a number of related policies on such issues as copyright, commercial activities, and telecommunications services.

UC Davis Health System Policy

This policy outlines acceptable use of UC Davis Health System computers and electronic communication and supplements the UC Davis policy.  The policy covers unacceptable use and enforcement.

The following activities are, in general, prohibited unless performed in the course of an individual’s specific job responsibilities. This policy applies to employees, students, contractors, consultants and volunteers who work for or provide services to the UC Davis Medical Center. The activities below are by no means exhaustive, but attempt to provide a framework for activities which fall into the category of unacceptable use.

  • Violations of the rights of any person or company protected by copyright, trade secret, patent or other intellectual property, or similar laws or regulations, including, but not limited to, the installation or distribution of "pirated" or other software products that are not appropriately licensed for use by the medical center.
  • Providing information about, or lists of, medical center employees, staff, faculty, patients or affiliates to parties outside the medical center.
  • Access to websites that contain pornography or adult/sexually explicit information.
  • Access to websites that contain information pertaining to gambling, hate speech or criminal skills.

Any employee found to have violated this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Social Media Guidelines

Internal Social Media Guidelines (PDF) for medical students who use social media for educational purposes, personal interests and professional development.