FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), the California Information Practice Act, and the California State Constitution protect the privacy of paper and electronic records containing confidential student information.

Quick Guide to Privacy of Student Records (PDF)

Refer to: UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual (PDF) for UC Davis policies on records that provides information on: All staff of the UC Davis School of Medicine have received FERPA training and are committed to protecting the privacy of confidential student information.  The Student Records office will assist you with any questions.

Privacy Acts

Refer to “Privacy” under the UC Davis Office of the University Registrar.

U.S. Dept. of Education Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974.

University of California Policies Applying to the Disclosure of Information from Student Records.

UC Davis Privacy of and Access to Personal Information

Grade Change

All grades are final when filed by the Instructor of Record. "A grade may be changed only for the correction of clerical or procedural error.”

Refer to: School of Medicine Bylaws & Regulations (PDF) Section 70(G) for additional information on grade changes and appeals.

Health Insurance Requirement

The University of California Regents mandates that all students have health insurance. This is a non-academic condition of admission to the School of Medicine M.D. program.

UC Davis School of Medicine provides Western Health Advantage Insurance Plan to meet this requirement. If you have comparable insurance, you may waive out of the Western Health Advantage Plan.

For more information about student health insurance plans and rates, please visit the Registrar’s Office. Insurance plans and rates are subject to change.

Disability Insurance Requirement

Disability insurance fees are mandatory and apply to M.D. students only. The annual disability insurance fee will be assessed to medical student accounts every fall quarter. The School of Medicine M.D. Degree Program Student Fee Schedule includes information concerning disability insurance fee rates and availability, which is offered during orientation.  Please email hs-studentrecords@ucdavis.edu for more information on disability insurance.

Health Immunization Requirements

All medical students must have the following immunization and infectious disease/immunity screening performed before attendance at UC Davis School of Medicine. This form must be completed by your health care provider.

Please note: Vaccination records/labs alone are not sufficient.

Refer to: Health Requirements (PDF)

Planned Educational Leave Program

The Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP) is defined as a voluntary, temporary, planned interruption or pause in your regular full-time education.  The purpose is to enhance the prospect of successful completion of your academic program by allowing time for you to pursue other activities that will assist you in clarifying your educational goals (e.g., job opportunities and experience away from campus; research, and time to resolve personal or medical problems).  PELP makes it possible for you to suspend your academic work for a time and resume your studies with minimal procedural difficulties.

There are three options available for taking a leave of absence from the UC Davis School of Medicine:
1.) Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP)  2.) Non-PELP Leave  3.) Time-Off Leave.  Medical students are required to file leave paperwork with the School of Medicine's Registrar's Office for any leave of absence. For more information, visit the Registrar's Office.

Required Online Training

HIPAA Certification

All students are responsible for complying with UC Davis School of Medicine and Health System policy to complete an annual HIPAA module and turn in proof of same to the School of Medicine.  The School of Medicine Registrar’s Office tracks your HIPAA compliance.

Refer to: Please check back for access the HIPAA module quiz.

UC Davis Bloodborne Pathogens Online Training  

All students are responsible for completing the UC Davis Bloodborne Pathogens Online Training annually. 

The HIPAA Certification and Bloodborne Pathogen training are both available through LMS.