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A.O.A. Programs

  • Medical Student Service Project Award
  • Volunteer Clinical Faculty Award
  • Helen H. Glaser Student Essay Awards
  • Carolyn L. Kuckein Student Research Fellowship
  • Pharos Poetry Competition

FAQ's about A.O.A.

What is A.O.A.?

Alpha Omega Alpha is a national honor society for medical students which promotes student leadership, community service, and excellence in academics. A.O.A. has local chapters at most medical schools, which elect members from their student body.

How does one become a member?

Membership is determined by an election among current A.O.A. faculty, residents, and students at UC Davis. Qualities that are highly regarded are academic excellence, leadership, and service to the medical school and patients.

Which students are eligible for membership?

To be eligible for A.O.A., a student must be in the 25% of the class based on academic standing. Of the top quarter of students, up to 15% of the class can be elected to A.O.A. per year.

When do the elections take place?

There are 2 elections every year, one in February electing members from the Junior class, and another in July for considering Seniors for membership.

Are students with a modified clinical curriculum eligible for A.O.A.?

Students with a modified clinical curriculum are eligible in their Junior and Senior year just like other students. The only restriction is that students with a modified curriculum during their clinical years are not eligible more than twice (i.e. once as a Junior and once as a Senior).

What does A.O.A. do?

From the A.O.A. Charter: "It is the duty of members to foster the scientific and philosophical features of the medical profession, to look beyond self to the welfare of the profession and of the public, to cultivate social mindedness, as well as individualistic attitude toward responsibilities, to show respect for colleagues, especially for elders and teachers, to foster research and in all ways to ennoble the profession of medicine and advance it in public opinion. It is equally a duty to avoid that which is unworthy, including the commercial spirit and all practices injurious to the welfare of patients, the public, or the profession".

Contact A.O.A

  • Counselor: Dr. Regina Gandour-Edwards
  • Staff Coordinator: Lao Thao