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At UC Davis Health, our expertise and innovation help improve lives in new ways every day. We're advancing health through innovation — here at home and around the globe — in new and novel ways, many not available elsewhere in the region.

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UC Davis Health dermatologist Oma AgbaiSkin of color has a unique set of needs requiring targeted clinical knowledge to provide exceptional patient care. UC Davis dermatologist Oma Agbai is the founder of the region's first specialty center for multicultural dermatology. Her understanding of skin and hair conditions unique to patients of ethnic backgrounds (such as African, Asian, East Indian, Hispanic and Middle Eastern origin) has lead transformative advances in dermatologic care for patients of all skin tones.

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UC Davis Health oncologist David Gandara UC Davis Health is home to the NCI-designated UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center. Here, multidisciplinary teams of doctors, nurses, researchers and staff are breaking barriers to beat cancer. Like oncologist David Gandara, whose work is boosting lung cancer survivability. He's testing for biomarkers that help identify lung cancer's "fingerprints" to determine if and when immunotherapy may work better than chemotherapy for individual patients. Dr. Gandara's work, and those of his colleagues, is changing the standard of cancer care.

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UC Davis Health pediatrician Erik Fernandez y GarciaMany mothers may feel down, depressed, hopeless or experience little interest or pleasure in doing things. Knowing that they are not alone is crucial. UC Davis pediatrician Erik Fernandez y Garcia recognizes that a child's health is closely connected to the mother's well-being. He pioneered a novel intervention that provides resources and motivation to mothers during well-child visits. The result is one-on-one connection that leads to more women seeking support and care for their depression, which benefits their children's health as well.

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UC Davis Health orthopaedic surgeon Mark LeeMost broken bones will heal after being reset and immobilized for a period of time, allowing the bone to strengthen and grow. But for non-healing bone fractures, a pioneering treatment may restart the bone-healing process. Orthopaedic surgeon Mark Lee is pioneering a new way to capture and use a patient's own mesenchymal stem cells to help grow new bone and improve healing, resulting in improved mobility and quality of life for these patients.

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UC Davis Health primary care physician Amy YipUC Davis' primary care doctors share a passion for advancing health. Doctors like osteopath Amy Yip, who partners with patients to identify and eliminate barriers to good health, and promote healing. Dr. Yip sees patients at the UC Davis Sacramento Midtown Ambulatory Care Center, our newest location at the corner of Folsom Blvd. and Alhambra Blvd. in Sacramento. UC Davis Medical Group physicians accept most major health insurance plans.

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