When I Grow Up encouraged children with heart conditions to dream about their futures

Boy and girl want to be race car drivers © UC Regents
Children who attended When I Grow Up had the chance to learn more about race-car driving.

Posted July 28, 2010

When I Grow Up, an annual event that encourages children with heart conditions to dream about jobs they can have as adults, was held Saturday, July 24, at the UC Davis Cancer Center in Sacramento.

About 150 young participants, who ranged in age from toddlers to teens, spoke with grown-ups like firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses, veterinarians, teachers, chefs, television personalities and beauty queens, who answered questions about their careers.

The event was sponsored by Angels for Hearts, a not-for-profit organization devoted to helping children with heart conditions maintain normal lives despite their frequent hospitalizations. It was held in collaboration with Children’s Miracle Network, which is dedicated to supporting children's hospitals.

Boy would like to be policeman © UC Regents
Representatives of the Sacramento City Police Department were on hand to talk about their careers in law enforcement.

Angels for Hearts was founded by Curtis and Patricia Kaufman of Sacramento, whose daughter Kimberly, now 35, has congestive heart failure and is not a transplant candidate. The Kaufmans started the organization to help make the lives of children with heart conditions more normal.

“Our goal is to help these children remember that their dreams are limited only by their imaginations.”
—  Kim Kaufman

“This event is an invaluable experience for these children,” said Kim Kaufman. “It also is wonderful for these children to be able to meet other kids with heart issues with whom they can share their experiences.”

“Our goal is to help these children remember that their dreams are limited only by their imaginations,” she said.

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