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MyChart empowers patients with online medical records, scheduling

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MyChart® access helps patients analyze information about trends in their own health status, such as tracking blood pressure changes.

UC Davis Health's convenient MyChart online patient portal enables patients to instantly review parts of their medical record and communicate online with their doctor’s office.

The system gives every UC Davis Health patient access to a free, secure personal connection to:

  • Send and receive secure, non-urgent messages with their primary-care doctor and participating specialists;

  • Request or cancel appointments with a primary care doctor or participating specialists, and receive automatic reminders when it’s time to reschedule;

  • View and print lab or other test results; and

  • View certain portions of their personal medical records, such as medical history, medications, identified allergies, and immunizations.

"Making health information convenient is an important part of helping patients to help themselves stay healthy and track their own progress,” said Kurt Slapnik, medical director of UC Davis Health's community-based primary care clinics. “Providing this ability is another part of our commitment to patient-centered care.”

Because MyChart is available any time of day from any computer with internet access, patients no longer have to wait for office hours to call for information or appointments. MyChart automatically displays notices when it’s time for health-maintenance appointments. Patients can then link directly to an online appointment request feature to select the best time for their schedules.

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MyChart creates online access to test results and medical records.

The paperless system also helps patients analyze information about trends in their own health status, such as tracking weight and blood pressure changes

Industry-standard secure encryption technology limits MyChart access to the patient, his or her physicians and their authorized staff, such as medical assistants.

By providing advanced functions, the new system frees more time for physicians to spend with patients at appointments, and other patient-care activities.

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