Goals and Functions

The Grants Research Facilitation Unit, consisting of Jeffrey Elias , Ph.D. (Director), Erica Chedin, Ph.D. (Associate Director), Betty Guo, Ph.D. (Associate Director), is located in the Office of Research School of Medicine. The Grants Facilitation Unit was developed in 2007 to provide support for School of Medicine and affiliated researchers for:

  1. Grant preparation and development, editing, and review (all mechanisms and funding agencies)
  2. Support for collaborative efforts in grant development and symposia
  3. NIH funding institute personnel and site navigation
  4. Investigator outreach and program announcement interpretation
  5. Notification and interpretation of new funding policies and requirements
  6. Grant writing education
  7. Career development applications
  8. Manuscript editing
  9. Reviews of summary statements and grant resubmissions - guidance for review appeals

How to contact us

You may ask for services from the Grant Facilitation Team by contacting any of the team members. These services, supported by the School of Medicine Office of Research, are provided at no charge.

We have had great success working as a team and we are integrated with the functions of the UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center. We are available every day and if necessary at other times. As noted, depending on the task you may work primarily with one of us, or all of us. You may request assistance by contacting any one of us at our individual e-mail. Our mission is to clarify the grant process, make grants more competitive for funding, make manuscripts more competitive for publication, and to develop and maintain funding for research careers at all levels.