Under UC Davis School of Medicine Office of Research, Industry Alliances is a unit in the Office of Entrepreneurship and Industry Alliances (OEIA) responsible for the oversight of industry partner agreements.

Industry Alliances arranges and facilitates meetings to pitch industry partnership with key prospective partners. It evaluates and negotiates lease agreements with any approved domestic and international industry partners.

The office strategizes innovative and engaging proactive outreach. It collaborates with university researchers to qualify prospective partnerships, ensuring alliances meet objectives of innovation and commercialization.

The office also advises leadership on business and financial planning, capital financing, and institutional risk assessment for joint venture projects.

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Meet Mark Romney

Mark RomneyMark is the director of Research Development and Industry Alliances at the Office of Entrepreneurship and Industry Alliances (OEIA). He has over 28 years of leadership experience in higher education master planning, specializing in research and industry planning and development initiatives.

Mark serves as the primary negotiator and facilitator for industry partner colocations on the Sacramento campus providing the vital connection point between university administrators and corporate executives. He is a highly sought after thought leader in the field of public, private and university partnerships.

Mark also serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for Aggie Square.

Why partner with UC Davis Health?

Highly-skilled talents: UC Davis provides growth-oriented companies highly skilled and diverse talent of graduates and researchers in medicine, science and technology. 

Leadership in Translational Research: It is the home for a nationally acclaimed Clinical Translational Science Center (CTSC) that facilitates biomedical research through innovation, collaboration, and expertise.

National Reputation for Excellence: UC Davis is ranked as #6 best public university in the US and among the top-tier academic institutions in medicine, life sciences, agriculture, veterinary medicine, and engineering.

Professional Development: UC Davis offers elite continuing and professional education programs to help customize training for private and public organizations.

Entrepreneurial spirit: In 2017, UC Davis helped launch 16 startups, made 107 invention disclosures and completed 85 licensing agreements. Aggie Square builds on this entrepreneurial culture with more than 900 active patents.

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UC Davis joins the Association of University Research Parks (AURP)

The Association of University Research Parks (AURP) is an organization that fosters innovation, commercialization and economic growth in a global economy through university, industry and government partnerships. Representing UC Davis and Aggie Square, Mark Romney joined AURP as a member in 2017, and was selected to serve on its Board of Directors, since 2018, it is a three-year term.

Romney is the 2019 Chair for the inaugural BIO Health Caucus hosted by AURP in Pennsylvania. This event highlights trends in life science research, opportunity zone funding resources, and the intersections of life science and philanthropy in global partnership opportunities. It provides a forum to showcase the role biomedical innovation cluster and research parks play in innovation ecosystems around the globe.

Member of AURP

As a member of AURP, Aggie Square at University of California, Davis is recognized as one of their Sustaining Institutional Members. Source: AURP

Aggie Square

Aggie Square is a 2.1 million square foot innovation center on the Sacramento Campus. It features state-of-the-art research facilities, modern office and mixed-use space, world-class amenities and a dynamic, thriving community.

Mark Romney, the chief strategy officer for Aggie Square, is helping to scout out potential academic programs along with research and translational activities to bring to Aggie Square. He is also working to identify other logistical needs for the facility, such as locations, business partnerships and transportation necessities.

“What began as a UC Davis Health initiative to build a research park on the Sacramento Campus to meet the increasing needs of industry and potential partners has blossomed into Aggie Square,” Romney said. “Thanks to the vision of Chancellor May, Aggie Square is becoming more than just a health system project near UC Davis Medical Center.”

Aggie Square provides companies access to the best talent to succeed and become more competitive by linking businesses to the highly skilled and diverse workforce of UC Davis graduates. UC Davis is a leader in many disciplines including life sciences, agriculture, veterinary medicine, engineering and more. It also offers elite continuing and professional education programs to help customize training for private firms with specific needs.

Aggie Square offers unique partnership opportunities for the university, for the community and for industry. These partnerships will advance human health, enrich lifelong learning, enhance emerging technologies, and set the stage for future collaborations.

For more information, please send an email to: aggiesquare@ucdavis.edu