Principal Investigator (PI) Bridge Program Match Requests

This program provides one-time funding to PI’s who have lost, or will lose their primary extramural funding. Funds ensure continuation of a research project for an interim period until extramural support can be reestablished. As of September 1, 2016, the PI Bridge Program is administered by the UC Davis Office of Research, but bridge applications are processed and awarded by each school and college.

Guidelines for PI Bridge funding can be found here.

Current General Administrative Coordinating Council of Deans (ACCD) Guidelines

Institutional matches in support of major extramural grants that involve faculty from three or more schools/ colleges/ divisions (or faculty from Office of Research and two colleges/ schools/ divisions) are coordinated by the Administrative Coordinating Council of Deans (ACCD).

PI’s should consult and review the preferred templates with the School of Medicine, Office of Research prior to presenting to ACCD.

  1. All match requests are reviewed initially for:
    • Academic merit
    • Scope of impact
      • Minimum of 3 units: Office of Research + 2 colleges/divisions/schools or 3 colleges/divisions/schools
      • Breadth of faculty involved
    • Whether a match is required (formally or implicitly) by the funding agency or simply desired
    • Whether a match is necessary for grant to be competitive
      • Without a match, the grant would not be submitted
  2. If a request does not pass initial review, it may be negotiated outside of ACCD
  3. The Associate Dean from the School of Medicine may refer PI to the School of Medicine Grants Facilitation Unit or to the Interdisciplinary Research Support (IRS) team in the Office of Research for guidance.

Additional ACCD guidelines for multi-investigator, equipment and training grants can be found here.

Other UC Davis Funding programs can be found here.