Collage of UC Davis School of Medicine archival photos, celebrating 50 years

Ariana Hosseini, M.D.

UC Davis Internal Medicine resident, UC Davis graduate, School of Medicine alumna
Class of 2016

I remember the day the medical students who were part of UC Davis Clinics made a booth for undergrads in the middle of a busy quad. They came and asked so many questions about their health or the health of their friends and family. Some of it was simple and some was more complex. But it showed a solidarity of the UC Davis family and it was so fun to be back on the undergrad campus!

Fiona Scott, M.D.

UC Davis Anesthesiology resident and School of Medicine alumna
Class of 2018

It’s hard to believe that the UC Davis School of Medicine is turning 50 years old — the same age as a good bottle of wine, a relatively young oak tree, or — as my mom said when she turned 50 — it’s like being 18 with 32 years of experience.

As I think back to my time as a medical student here (which isn’t all that hard considering I only graduated about 11 days ago), I think about all of the ways that I have grown here. But in fact Davis and I have grown together. There are a few more cracks in the sidewalk outside the med center, just as there are a few more wrinkles on my face. But the real changes, the real growth, come from a mutual commitment to serve the community, provide excellent medical care and to grow and to change, as hard as that might be sometimes.

One only needs to glance at the class photos hanging outside the Matsui Lecture Hall to remember that the first graduating class included just three women and two men of color. The graduating class of 2018, of which I am proudly a part, includes a female majority, several parents of young children, and veterans and active duty officers. We are diverse in race, socio-economic status, immigration status and age — as well as our opinions regarding whether the French Roast or the Medium Roast is the best coffee in the cafeteria.

But there is one thing my classmates and I share: Davis made us doctors. It is both a gift and a privilege, and last week as we crossed the stage in the Mondavi Center, we made a promise: To take all that we have learned here and to go out in the world and do good with it.

Happy 50th Birthday UC Davis School of Medicine!!!

Ps. I hope there’s cake.